Adult Ninja Warrior Course:

380 ft of “as seen on TV” extreme obstacles

    1. Unstable bridge
    2. 3-way traverse 8′
    3. Pipe Slider
    4. 3 way Incline
    5. Bomber Grips
    6. Tilting Frames
    7. Spider Wall
    8. Swinging Bars
    9. Sea of polls
    10. Sea of Swings
    11. Camel-back Traverse
    12. Overhead Climb
    13. Salmon Ladder
    14. Tight Rope
    15. Quint Step
    16. Box Jumper
    17. 3 height levels of Warped Wall
    18. Rotating Beam

Warped Wall

14ft Warped Wall. This attraction is built to the exact same dimensions as seen on the Ninja Warrior TV Show.
For those of you who can’t make it up the 14ft wall as seen on the TV Show – you can train on the 10ft and 12ft walls just beside the 14ft wall.

Mini Ninja Warrior :

150 feet of challenges and foam pit for our younger guests.

  1. V steps
  2. Up and over wall
  3. Incline ramp
  4. Sea of rings
  5. Cargo tubes
  6. Balance beam
  7. Triple traverse
  8. Trapeze swing to cargo net
  9. Rope swing to Cargo net
  10. Ball island hops
  11. Foam Pit